Building community

If we are to weather the coming climate change effects on our food system, we will need to come together and think in community ways, community wellbeing, community success, as opposed to individual success.

What does that looks like?

  • When we make a large meal or have plentiful leftovers or groceries in our cupboards, we remember to wrap that up and bring it to our Elderly neighbours or those in need, or drop it off to be put in the community freezer (contact for address) for those in need.
  • We do the same with our harvest and our spaces and our resources. We consider our privileges in ownership of land or cars, and share with those we can. We help our neighbours who are struggling to their appointments, or to get their groceries. When we have free time, we consider how we can use it in a good way to build relationships through loving actions or service to others.
  • We speak with our neighbours and coordinate our crops. I do not have room on my property for two cherry trees or two pawpaw trees, and need at least two for pollination, so I speak to my neighbours and see who else within a proximity will plant with me. My yard is very shady, one neighbour’s is prone to swamping, another is very dry. Can we grow what’s best in each yard and share the bounty?
  • We listen to our relations, the many other beings also inhabiting the same spaces. We watch them carefully before making any actions. If a certain “weed” always grows in your yard, consider why. Is it edible or usable? Is there an edible or usable plant with similar qualities and soil needs that could go in its place? Are certain pests a problem? Which birds or snakes or other critters can we entice to our yard to eat them? How can we work with nature, instead of against it?
  • Gathering and sharing successes. Lifting each other up, instead of putting each other down. Giving care freely. Noticing when others are struggling or need help and offering it when able. Dancing and singing and drumming and laughing together. Eating together. Coming together to get big jobs done.

How do we best build community? How do you see your ideal community?

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